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NAPAA Committees

As of July 2017

Membership/Social Media Committee

Chair: Janet Begley
Attract new members and retain existing ones. Work closely with NAPAA Board and Staff to determine how NAPAA can engage more agents. 

Audit Committee

Chair: Claudia Gamache
Work with finance manager and independent auditing firm to review year-end financials.

Communications Committee

Chair: Lezlee Liljenberg
Work to develop relevant content and information for all NAPAA publications including Exclusivefocus magazine, DirectExpress newsletter, and Agent Informer newsletter.

Education/Advocacy Committee

Chair: Claudia Gamache
Works closely with NAPAA Board and Staff to develop material for members-only portal and webinar topics

Finance Committee

Chair: Dale Revels
Work with Staff to develop annual operating budget to be approved by the NAPAA Board. 

NAPAA Advisory Council

Chair: Virginia Ottenberg
Active agents from each region of the country helping to keep NAPAA informed and apprised of issues. 

Nominating Committee

Solicits nominations annually for open director positions on the NAPAA Board. Nominations are accepted by the Nominating Committee annually from April 1 to April 30. The Nominating Committee submits a slate of candidates to the membership by May 10. 

Technology Committee

Chair: Rob McBride
Identifies and helps tackle or provide education for agents on technological issues.