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Romero vs Allstate

Updates From the Allstate Agents Litigation Website
Updated July 7, 2016

Price Optimization

Price optimization is an emerging practice in the insurance industry drawing the attention of state regulators, consumer advocates, insurance agents and consumers. Opponents claim that insurers are mining data on customers to set rates based on factors that are unrelated to risk of loss in order to charge each individual customer the highest price that the market will bear. Proponents believe the pricing model is a statistical technique, within actuarial and regulatory standards, which helps insurers determine competitive rate plans.

Allstate Retiree Life Lawsuit

An Alabama law firm filed suit September 2013, on behalf of former-employee agents eligible for retiree life insurance benefits, seeking reinstatement of the Allstate-paid premium which the company discontinued effective January 1, 2016. Follow the case updates here.

Employees or Independent Contractors?

Allstate Insurance Agents - Employees or Independent Contractors?  Agents under contract with Allstate Insurance Company have been classified by the company as independent contractors since 2000, when Allstate forcibly converted over 6,000 ...

Private Letter Ruling

On November 15, 1988, Allstate submitted a request for ruling on status of Exclusive Agents for Federal Tax Purposes to the IRS in advance of introduction of the new program that would be rolled out in 1990.On June 23, 1989,the IRS published Private ..