Mission and History

The National Association of Allstate Agents, Inc. was founded in 1990 under the name the National Neighborhood Office Agents Club. The association was formed after Allstate introduced its Neighborhood Office Agent Program which significantly increased expenses for many Allstate agents.

In 1998 the association changed its name to the National Association of Professional Allstate Agents, Inc., commonly referred to as NAPAA. Since its inception, NAPAA has undergone many changes. In the beginning, it was primarily a single issue organization focusing on the plight of Neighborhood Office Agents and their relationship with Allstate. As membership increased, NAPAA began to broaden its footprint by tackling new issues, especially in the consumer advocacy arena. Over the years, NAPAA has ardently supported consumer friendly legislation including vigorous opposition to the inappropriate use of credit scoring and advocating the abolishment of redlining.

Allstate agents join NAPAA in order to belong to their “professional” agent association. NAPAA membership includes active and retired Allstate agents and Allstate agency staff.  While joining for a variety of reasons, members share some basic traits. NAPAA members understand the value of customers. They recognize that treating customers fairly and honestly is the only way to enjoy lasting success. Consumers can take comfort in knowing that, in terms of the qualities they seek in an insurance agent, NAPAA member agents are among the best there are.

NAPAA wants its members to be successful as stated in its mission statement which reads as follows:

NAPAA is dedicated to the success of Allstate Exclusive Agency Owners and to advance the independence and entrepreneurial spirit of our members.

NAPAA takes its mission statement seriously. It believes that helping agents become successful is in the best interests of the consumer, the agent and the association. NAPAA offers a variety of helpful resources for its members. In addition, NAPAA distributes Exclusivefocus, a quarterly magazine distributed to over 9,000 Allstate agents, which offers helpful advice on a wide range of topics of interest to Allstate agents.

Like other professional associations, NAPAA membership numbers vary greatly from year to year. In 2002 NAPAA membership peaked at around 2,400 members. At the time, agents were frustrated after Allstate had terminated over 6,000 employee agents and offered them jobs, without benefits, as independent contractor agents.  Around the same time, the company implemented stringent life production quotas. Many Allstate agents, members and non-members alike, lost their contracts because they were unable to attain the quotas set by Allstate. Other Allstate agents, including many NAPAA members, were unwilling to continue their Allstate careers in the new environment. Consequently, Allstate lost many good agents and NAPAA lost many good members.

NAPAA welcomes inquiries from any interested parties, including insurance consumers.