More than 25 years ago, the National Neighborhood Office Agents’ Club, Inc. (NNOAC) was founded largely because of the introduction of the NOA Program by Allstate, also known as the “Cost Sharing Program”. The name was changed to the National Association of Professional Allstate Agents, (NAPAA) in 1998 in an effort to make the association more recognizable to media and legislators.

We understand the challenges you face as an Allstate agency owner. From underwriting restrictions to quotas; from interference in the purchase and sale of agencies to finding good staff, our members across the country face the same challenges. In some cases, we have resources that can help. In others, we are working to make members’ agency opportunity everything it was promised to be.

When you become a member of NAPAA, you become one of a group of professional agents that want to be informed and make educated decisions about your business and your investment. You give yourself the opportunity to participate in and support issues that affect you, now and into the future.

You’ll find more information about our positions, our history and our bylaws in this section of the website.

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