NAPAA supports agents and customers by advocating on their behalf. Below are some of our initiatives.


In August, over 4,000 agents, members and non-members, responded to our survey about the Integrated Service Program (ISP). Our survey showed that over 80% of those surveyed opposed the ISP. Review the full results here. We distributed an additional agent satisfaction survey in December. Our survey showed that over 2,000 agents, members and non-members, over 75% of respondents did not trust Allstate. Review the full results here


NAPAA created another annual survey to measure and compare agent satisfaction levels. Responses came in from both members and nonmembers alike. Our survey shows a marked difference in agent satisfaction from our results versus those of the company survey. Possibly the reason is that over 65% of our respondents came from agents with more than 10 years with the company. Our numbers show far more dissatisfied than satisfied. The NAPAA survey also showed that a majority of the agents feel that top management is more concerned with shareholder concerns than those of the agents. Review the results here.


Nearly 1,800 Allstate agents participated in an Agent Satisfaction Survey conducted by the National Association of Professional Allstate Agents, Inc. (NAPAA). The survey was created to measure agent satisfaction levels at Allstate, and to identify the most pressing issues currently facing agents in their businesses. Download the results below.


More than 1,800 Allstate agents participated in this national survey conducted by NAPAA. Following clashes over commission cutbacks, the survey revealed 73 percent of respondents were “not very” or “not at all” satisfied with their relationship with Allstate. The results were publicized by the Chicago Tribune. Analysts with Baltimore-based investment bank Stifel Nicolaus & Co. referenced the NAPAA survey in a company report, citing the results as troubling. View the complete report from Keefe, Bruyette & Woods (A Stifel Company) here.


The EA Competition Survey and survey results.

Letter Campaigns

Agent Letter Campaign reveals impediments to business and suggest sensible changes.


Agents Petition Allstate to scrap “variable compensation” and return to a solid, simple commission structure they can rely on to pay staff and operational expenses. The petition was signed by more than 2,600 Allstate agents.
View the petition notice delivered via email to The Allstate Corporation’s Board of Directors and Senior Management

Petition Allstate calling for an independent forensic audit of the Exclusive Agent CSRP Reports and Monthly Compensation Statements. The petition was signed by more than 1,100 Allstate agents.
Letter to the Allstate Board of Directors Audit Committee
Response from the Audit Committee
Media coverage: Insurance News Net 02/13/2012; 02/16/2012; Crain’s Chicago Business 09/13/2019; Crain’s Chicago Business 09/17/2019; Live Insurance News 09/19/2019; Crain’s Chicago Business 11/01/2019; WGN Radio 11/05/2019; and Crain’s Chicago Business 11/26/2019.

Attorney General petition regarding misclassification of Allstate agents.

Agents petition IRS regarding misclassification of Allstate agents. IRS response.

Crain’s Chicago Business, 06/05/2020; COVID slowdown puts insurance agents, companies on collision

Crain’s Chicago Business, 06/12/2020; Allstate preparing job cuts in thousands: report


NAPAA Executive Director Ted Paris attended the Allstate Corporation’s Annual Corporate Meeting held at the Home Office complex in Northbrook, IL. Directly following the meeting, Ted held talks with Allstate President of Personal Lines, Glenn Shapiro. This is the first time that NAPAA and Allstate had direct person to person discussions. Numerous items were discussed, including the Integrated Service Solutions program. Mr. Shapiro announed that the program was going to be expanded to all new agents going forward and the pricing was being revised. No mention if it was going to be mandatory to all at this time.


NAPAA Executive Director Ted Paris attended the 2018 Allstate Shareholders meeting on behalf of the member agents and entire agency force.


On behalf of its member agents, NAPAA brought three issues to the forefront at the 2013 shareholder meeting:

Media coverage citing NAPAA’s concerns on these issues including Chicago Tribune,, and Crain’s Chicago Business.


On behalf of nearly 1,200 agents who signed a petition calling for an independent forensic audit, NAPAA attended the annual shareholder meeting and asked Tom Wilson whether the Company would respond to its agents. Other questions asked on behalf of Allstate agents regarded justification for Tom Wilson’s 20% pay increase, variable commissions, agent terminations and declining PIF. This meeting was the source of Tom Wilson’s now infamous quote: “We can do anything we want.”

Read NAPAA’s summary of the meeting events here
Read more about the agent petition on the Petitions section of this Advocacy page

Dow Jones, Chicago Tribune and Crain’s Chicago Business coverage of the meeting and issues included NAPAA’s concerns.

Flood Policies

Acting on complaints by numerous agents in the process of ending their relationship with Allstate (both voluntarily and involuntarily), NAPAA called upon Allstate to cease issuing false and misleading letters to flood customers. Read the summary; read the exchange with Allstate’s attorneys here:

Sale Interference

NAPAA calls for immediate end to Allstate field managers improperly inserting themselves in the agency sale process. Read the exchange here.

Florida Amicus Brief

Following the suspension of the Allstate Companies’ certificates of authority by the Florida Office of insurance Regulation (OIR), and a subsequent court ordered temporary stay, NAPAA filed an Amicus Brief (January, 2008) with the First District Court of Appeal, requesting the temporary stay remain in effect pending the final disposition of the Allstate Companies’ appeal. (The suspension order was the result of an ongoing subpoena dispute between the OIR and Allstate.) “If the suspension were to be reinstated it would be a crippling blow to Allstate agency owners,” said NAPAA president and Florida agency owner, Dale Revels. “We are doing all we can to ensure that agencies can continue to write new business so that they don’t have to lay off employees.”